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Works by the artist

Søren Dahlgaard

Fortress to Solitude - Søren Dahlgaard

Born: 1973
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
Lives and Works: Copenhagen, Denmark
Website: www.sorendahlgaard.com

About the Artist

Danish artist Søren Dahlgaard (b. 1973) constructs attacks on “the familiar categories - the artist, painting, and art – with fearless idiocy…” says curator, Anders Kold. Dahlgaard, whose work graces the public collections of the Danish Arts Foundation, Museo National Brasilia, Brazil, and several other national institutions, graduated from the Slade School of Art London in 2002. Since then, he has developed a body of work , which stems from 1960s practices, such as Conceptualism and Land Art. His often humorous and visually intriguing performances are also conducive to empathy and self-identification. Dahlgaard has shown at The National Art Gallery in Copenhagen, MoMA/PS1 in New York, Singapore Biennial, Vancouver Biennial, Louisiana Museum of Art, CCBB Art Center in Brasília, Aarhus Art Center in Denmark, Galerie Civica Trento in Italy, and at The Digital Art Center in Israel. The artist is currently participating of the 2013 Biennale di Venezia in Italy.

Q&A with Søren Dahlgaard

What are the issues that concern you the most when creating new work?
I try to communicate a view point or way of thinking using the visual language. The process of doing this and the method seems to be the center of my interest and part of the expression. My aim is to create a new experience for the audience, so the originality of the idea and the execution is paramount.

What artists or artworks have impacted you and influenced your own practice?
To name a few: Chris Burdens sculptural works, Roman Signers process works, Fischli & Weiss conceptual images and videos.

What is your routine when it comes to making art?
Selecting and developing the idea comes first. After that there are the logistics and coordination of the budget, production, and exhibition. I enjoy making collaborations with other artists, architects, engineers or other professionals - this is usually more fun, since working alone is a bit boring.

What significance does showing and selling your work over the Internet hold with regards to your art?
It’s a growing channel to present the work. So if it works, it’s great.

If pursuing art were not an option, what other profession would you go into?
I was a tropical vegetable farmer for two years and in advertising also for two years - both was after I became an artist. I think it’s really good to have done other jobs than only art. It’s a great reality check! I have been thinking about making film, and will probably do this someday. Fundamental things like planting trees and building your own house is also great to do. I have done this already, but I need to do it again I think!